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How is Pwllheli pronounced?

To pronounce the 'LL' you should put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, behind your top teeth and push out air from either side of tongue.

pu - thll - hel -ee

pw (like put it there - not putt as in putting green)

then the double ll sound

then heli as in helicopter

it's not as hard as it looks - give it a go - at least you're trying - ask someone when you get there! Good luck!

Do they speak English or just Welsh in Wales?

Over 55% of Gwynedd (county) are bilingual and just over 74% of the Lleyn Peninsular

All Children in Wales  are taught  Welsh and English in Schools

Where is Pwllheli?

West part of Britain, has a border with England 150 miles form Scotland and 50 miles across the water from Ireland.

Pwllheli is located North of Cardigan Bay with very little tidal Stream  (0.1- 0.3Kt) and open to the Prevailing SW wind. It is one of the best sailing waters in Britain.  

It seems like quite a small place - Do they know how to host an event like this?

In the last Seven years Pwllheli has hosted 4 World championships and 32 UK National championships, as well as staging many other smaller competitions. 

What else is there to do there? has all the information on things to do in the area 

From Walking to Climbing - White Water Rafting to Extreme Mountain Biking

Is Wales expensive?

Breakfast - £4.5 - £5

a 2 Course Meal can be bought for £10 - £15

How do we get there and is it expensive?

Pwllheli Train Station - 1000m

Main Line Train Station - 40 km 

Liverpool Airport or Manchester Airport 120km away

Do we need to worry about safety?

Wales is a very safe place to walk in the streets or on the mountains - a Welsh WELCOME will be had anywhere for all

What will the weather be like? 

July / August are the best time to visit wales, Weather is hot  and the water is warm

What will the wind be like??

On Website

What local facilities can we find there?

We have a large Asda, Aldi, several Chandlers, launderettes etc.

Sail Maker, Swimming Pool, Banks, butchers, bakers, doctors, dentist......


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Why Wales - GBR ?

We’re part of the GBR, close to Liverpool and Manchester airport, England and Ireland. 

We have 3 million people. 11 million sheep. We have 1200kms of coastline. 2 languages - English and Welsh5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty 3 National ParksGo slow – hop on one of the Great Little Trains of WalesGreat local food and drink

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